Cut Summer Air Conditioning Costs with These Simple Tips

Heat is not the only thing that scorching summer brings with it. As soon as the first gust of hot winds reaches us, our energy bill skyrockets. We know that sometimes it feels like air conditioning is the only source of comfort in summers and there is no other way other than suffering from its high cost. That’s not quite true; there are ways to reduce the air conditioning costs and to have a cool summer simultaneously.

Read to discover various simple yet effective tips to cut down the air conditioning costs.

1.    Use Fans

Installing ceiling fans in your house will help you cut down on the AC cost by a large margin. Ceiling fans do not replace the AC but they do puts less strain on them. They circulate the cool air around and reduce the need for air conditioning. One of the best ways is to turn the AC on for a few hours and then turn it off. The ceiling fan will circulate the cooled air around for a long time.

2.       Air filters

There are times when we feel like the AC is not working properly and keep it on for a longer period of time just so that it does the cooling well. While it rarely makes your home any cooler, it does, however, do a good job of increasing your electricity bill.

An easy way is to clean the air filter at least once a week; a clogged filter requires more effort from the AC and makes it costly. Just clean the filter and enjoy the summers.

3.    Buy a new one for the warmest room

We all have that one room in our house that somehow feels closest to the sun and just doesn’t cool off. If that room is used frequently and the thermostat of the central AC has to be turned low just so that room could be comfortable even if the rest of the house is in the Arctic zone then it’s a problem.  Buy a window or a low-unit AC for that room alone and use your central air conditioning unit for the rest of the house.

4.    Stop using the dryer

Not only dryer uses a lot of electricity to work, it also makes your house warmer. Therefore, instead of using the dryer so frequently, let the clothes dry naturally.

5.    Cook quickly

Another resource of unpleasant heat is the stove. Make it a habit to cook small quick meals and do it when the sun has disappeared. Also, use your microwave to do most of the cooking as it emits less heat. So take out all those ready-made packages and use microwave abundantly every summer.

6.    Some tips

Some other useful tips include:

  • Using blinds and window shades all the time to block sunlight
  • Keep the doors and windows sealed
  • Lights and bulbs are single-handedly one of the most heat emitting objects inside the house so keep them turned off as much as possible.

Following these above tips will not only keep your air conditioning cost low but will also help you keep a cool house throughout the summer.

Cut Summer Air Conditioning Costs with These Simple Tips